What is Candid Connection?



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How It Works

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is my report card?
    • Your report card, which you can access from the Profile screen, provides a summary of your activity and performance on Candid Connection. Information such as the amount of feedback you have submitted/received, the best feedback your have submitted/received, and the average feedback score you have submitted/received will be displayed on your report card. You can also share your report card with your friends via your channel of choice (e.g. email, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

  • What is the leaderboard?
    • The leaderboard provides you a view of how your feedback score ranks against your friends. You can sort the leaderboard by highest and lowest feedback scores and can browse your friends’ profiles by tapping on their name/photo.

  • How do I find a specific friend?
    • To find a specific friend, navigate to the browse friends screen and search for them using the filter bar at the top of the screen. If they have not used the Candid Connection app, they will not appear on your friends list. However, you can invite them by tapping no the “invite more friends” button.

  • How do I submit a reveal request?
    • To submit a reveal request, simply tap on the orange “eye” icon on the photo of the anonymous feedback you would like reveal. You will then have to confirm whether you would like to submit the reveal request. Once the anonymous submitter responds to the reveal request, you will receive a notification confirming whether it was accepted or rejected.

  • How do I earn more reveal requests?
    • The best way to earn more reveal requests is to remain very active on Candid Connection. The more friends you invite and the more feedback you submit/receive, the more reveal requests you can earn. The rules on how to earn more reveal requests are available on the settings screen. Alternatively, you can also purchase more reveal requests via the settings screen (coming soon).

  • What are reveal requests?
    • Reveal requests allow you to request the submitter of anonymous feedback to reveal their identity. When you send a reveal request, the submitter will receive the request and will have the option to accept or reject it. If accepted, their identity will be revealed against the feedback they submitted on your profile. If they reject it, their identity will remain anonymous. If you submit feedback anonymously, your friends can also send you reveal requests and it will be up to you whether you would like to reveal your identity. You have a limited number of reveal requests, so use them sparingly. You can purchase additional reveal requests (coming soon) or learn how to earn more for free within the settings screen.

  • What do the different options on the settings screen mean?
    • Notifications – you can select whether you would like to switch notifications on or off. When on, you will be notified when there is activity on your profile such as a when you receive feedback or receive a reveal request.

      Publicize my feedback – you can select whether you would like feedback submitted on your profile to be visible or hidden.

      Publicize my testimonials – you can select whether you would like testimonials on your profile to be visible or hidden.

      Remain anonymously (by default) – you can select whether you would like your identity to remain anonymous by default when you submit feedback.

      Reveal requests remaining – you can keep track of how many reveal requests you have remaining.

      Purchase more reveal requests (coming soon) – you can purchase more reveal requests or view the rules on how to earn additional reveal requests for free.

      Log out – you can log out of the Candid Connection app.

      Deactivate your account – you can deactivate your Candid Connection account.

      Candid Connection Disclaimer – you can view Candid Connection’s terms and privacy policy.

  • Can I hide my identity when providing feedback to a friend?
    • When you submit feedback for a friend, you can select whether to remain anonymous or to reveal your identity. Additionally, you can pick whether you want to remain anonymous by default in the settings screen.

  • Can I hide feedback submitted on my profile?
    • You can choose to make all feedback submitted for you public or hidden within the setting screen.

  • Can I comment on a friend’s profile?
    • Yes, you can comment on a friend’s profile. Simply navigate to your friend’s profile by searching for them on the Browse Friends screen. You can then like or comment on any of the feedback on your friend’s profile by tapping on the comment icon next to the corresponding feedback submission in the feedback received section.

  • How do I provide feedback for someone on Candid Connection?
    • To send feedback to a friend on Candid Connection, navigate to the Browse Friends screen and tap the “Feedback” button next to the friend of your choice. On the provide feedback screen, simply select the how your friend makes you feel, enter a testimonial (optional), and select whether you would like to remain anonymous.

  • How do I invite my friends to use Candid Connection?
    • To invite your friends to use Candid Connection, navigate to the Browse Friends screen, tap on the Invite Friends button, and select all the friends you would like to invite. Alternatively, you can invite your friends to Like the Candid Connection Facebook page, where they can download the app.

  • How do I set up my profile on Candid Connection?
    • Candid Connection will create a default profile using your Facebook name and profile photo. You can set your own status on Candid Connection within your profile.

  • How do I login to Candid Connection?
    • You require a Facebook account to access Candid Connection. Simply ensure that you have the latest version of the Facebook app on your phone. Once you have download Candid Connection, tap on the Login with Facebook button, accept the terms, and you’re in.

  • How do I download Candid Connection?
    • You can download Candid Connection from the AppStore on iOS devices and from the Play Store on Android devices. Alternatively, you can download the app from the Candid Connection website or Facebook page.

  • What do I need to use Candid Connection?
    • Candid Connection is compatible on iOS and Android devices. All you require is an Android or iOS device (Android Smartphone, Android Tablet, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch).

  • Does Candid Connection protect my privacy?
    • Your privacy will always be our number one priority and you will only be visible on the app if you choose to download it. You can only exchange feedback (openly or anonymously) with your Facebook friends who have also signed into the app (friends-of-friends or strangers will not have access to your profile). You can also choose to make your feedback public (visible to your friends) or private (visible just to you) and you are free to deactivate your account whenever you choose.

  • Why should I use Candid Connection?
    • Candid Connection provides you with a platform to exchange sincere feedback with your friends while protecting your privacy. This information can invaluably increase your self-awareness which can lead to you becoming a better person and can consequently strengthen your relationships. It also provides you a very safe environment where you can only exchange feedback with your Facebook friends, openly or anonymously.

  • What are the key features Candid Connection offers?
    • Candid Connection allows you to log in using your Facebook credentials and quickly creates a profile for you, mirroring your basic Facebook profile. Once set up, you are free to, publicly or anonymously, provide feedback to your Facebook friends who have also set up a profile with Candid Connection. You can also invite your friends to download the app, comment on & like your friends’ feedback, and see where you rank against your friends on the Leaderboard.

  • Why was Candid Connection created?
    • Technology is becoming increasingly prevalent, and despite all of its benefits, is threatening to make communication less personable and relationships less genuine. It is becoming harder to assess which of your “friends” are truly there to support you and which are just acquaintances. Candid Connection provides you with the opportunity to exchange honest feedback with your friends, while protecting your privacy. This provides a means for sincere communication and allows you the opportunity to gain self-awareness and transform into the kind of person you want to be. If you have ever wondered how you make your friends feel, Candid Connection will provide you the answers.